Taking Care Of Your Pool

When you have a pool, it can be hard to figure out what you need to do in order to make things the best they can possibly be. Oftentimes, people really struggle to figure out what they need to do, which is why many folks give up on the entire process altogether and let the condition of their swimming pools deteriorate. Although it can be easy to let things go, you can tighten things back up by using a few simple methods for success. For instance, you can work with a professional pool contractor to track your chemistry, and you can also work with other professionals to ensure a clean, healthy, beautiful pool area.

Inspecting Your Hot Tub For Issues That Need To Be Repaired


If you use your hot tub regularly, eventually, there are going to be issues that you need to deal with. Sometimes, the problems are easy to troubleshoot, and other times, you may need help with repairs that need to be done. The following guide will help you with inspecting and troubleshooting your hot tub when you have problems:

Spa Heaters Not Working Properly

The spa heater is one of the areas where you will want to know how to troubleshoot issues. There are various problems that can cause the heater not to work properly. First, you are going to want to make sure the water isn't too cold. When the water is too cold, it can take longer for the spa to heat up. Another issue that you may have is the system's heating element failing and not heating the water at all.

Mineral Buildup on Spa Equipment

Another issue that you may have is the buildup on spa equipment. This buildup is from mineral deposits that are found naturally in water supplies. You need to clean the spa equipment regularly as part of a good maintenance routine. When the buildup is too bad, you may want to call a hot tub repair service in your area for help fixing these issues.

Massage Jets Not Working

You may also have problems with the massage jets and need to troubleshoot these problems. There are several issues that can cause the hot tub jets to not work properly, including the following:

  • Damaged pump causing pressure loss
  • Problems with buildup in jet outlets
  • Damaged hot tub plumbing

You may want to contact a hot tub repair service to replace the pump, jets, or other parts that are not working.

Electrical and Spa Control Panel Issues

The electrical systems of your spa may also be a problem that you need to deal with. The first thing that you want to look for when you are having electrical problems with your spa is the fuses and reset buttons. You also want to check the wiring for signs of damage. If there are persistent problems, you will want to have a spa repair professional inspect your hot tub.

Your hot tub problems can cause frustrations that can be avoided if you know how to troubleshoot them. When the problems are too much to handle on your own, contact a hot tub repair service near you for help.


23 February 2021