Taking Care Of Your Pool

When you have a pool, it can be hard to figure out what you need to do in order to make things the best they can possibly be. Oftentimes, people really struggle to figure out what they need to do, which is why many folks give up on the entire process altogether and let the condition of their swimming pools deteriorate. Although it can be easy to let things go, you can tighten things back up by using a few simple methods for success. For instance, you can work with a professional pool contractor to track your chemistry, and you can also work with other professionals to ensure a clean, healthy, beautiful pool area.

Three Types Of Pool Covers To Consider For Your Swimming Pool


When you hire a local pool contractor to install a swimming pool in your yard, it's important to think about the many different types of equipment that you'll need. Your pool professional can talk to you at length about this equipment, as well as sell you the products that you decide that want. Where pool covers are concerned, there are many different covers that perform a wide range of tasks for your pool. Here are three types of pool covers that you'll want to consider for your new swimming pool.

Safety Cover

A safety cover is a valuable type of cover to buy for your swimming pool. While it's important to have various methods that decrease the likelihood of a child gaining access to the pool — a fence and a locking gate, for example — having a safety cover can further help to prevent any unfortunate accidents from taking place. A safety cover is durable and mounts to the pool deck with heavy hardware that will keep the cover in place. This cover is designed to prevent someone from falling into the pool, and can typically accommodate a significant amount of weight on top of it. This is a cover that you'll want to buy if you have children.

Solar Cover

To make your swimming pool inviting for your family and your guests, you'll want the water to be fairly warm. There are different ways that you can achieve this goal, including equipping the pool with a solar cover when no one is swimming. A solar cover's specific purpose as swimming pool equipment is to prevent heat loss so that the pool's water temperature stays high. While you can always run the pool heater to achieve the temperature that you want, a big benefit of using a solar cover is that it's free to use.

Leaf Cover

Another type of swimming pool cover that may appeal to you is a leaf cover. This is a thin, lightweight cover, often made of mesh, that is designed to keep leaves out of your pool. When leaves get into the water, you'll face the time-consuming task of removing them with a net. When you have a leaf cover in place, you won't have to worry about this issue nearly as much. A leaf cover is especially useful if you have a number of deciduous trees close to the pool on your property — or if your neighbor has tall trees that drop leaves into your yard.


23 October 2020