Taking Care Of Your Pool

When you have a pool, it can be hard to figure out what you need to do in order to make things the best they can possibly be. Oftentimes, people really struggle to figure out what they need to do, which is why many folks give up on the entire process altogether and let the condition of their swimming pools deteriorate. Although it can be easy to let things go, you can tighten things back up by using a few simple methods for success. For instance, you can work with a professional pool contractor to track your chemistry, and you can also work with other professionals to ensure a clean, healthy, beautiful pool area.

Choose One Of These Pool Covers Depending On Your Needs


If you have a pool in your backyard, you need a cover for it. Some covers are meant for protection during the winter when the pool isn't in use, and others can be used during the swimming season and are easier to put on and remove. Here's a look at options for pool covers.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar covers are meant to keep the water warmer so you can extend your swimming season or just have warmer water for swimming in the evenings. These covers just float on top of the water, so they won't keep people or animals from falling in. They are made of lightweight material you can cut to fit your pool like a snug blanket that holds in heat and allows solar warming. A similar cover is a leaf cover that is like a tarp for your pool that floats on top and keeps leaves out of the water. These two covers are light enough that you can pull them off every time you swim and then replace them when you're not using the pool.

These are the least expensive pool covers, but they are not safety covers, and they may not be ideal if you have pets or kids that could fall in the pool and get trapped under the cover. Some tarp covers are meant for winter protection and stay in place until warm weather returns. They're weighted down to stay in place, but if they're water resistant, the covers need a pump to remove water so the cover doesn't sink.

Safety Covers

Safety covers are the best option when you have kids and pets because these are attached over the pool securely so animals and kids can't fall through. These are labor intensive to install, so they're put on at the end of the swim season and left until it's time to open the pool. You can buy a mesh cover that keeps out leaves and small debris but allows water to seep through. You can also buy a solid vinyl cover that keeps out rain and protects the water in your pool.

Automatic Covers

Although an automatic cover is the most expensive option, it's also the most versatile. These attach permanently to your pool, but you can open and close them when you want. This allows you to keep the pool covered all winter and to cover it during the summer to make sure kids don't fall in the pool when it's not in use, and to keep the water clean and warm.

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10 January 2020